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Give hope and love to millions of women trapped in prostitution

With a staggering 40 million women in prostitution around the world, we’re working to resource them with God’s Word, helping them discover a new hope and love. Consider the Wildflowers is a new Bible booklet for women in sexual exploitation that explores brutal honesty, raw emotion and open love.

Please help us fund its reprint and an additional four language editions – Bulgarian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish – to meet the urgent need of reaching women worldwide who are suffering in silence.

Our target: Є 8,500
Raised so far: € 2,530.24
Deadline: 20th March 2018
30% out of Є 8,500


  • There are about 40 million women in prostitution working in the world. 75 percent of them are between the ages of 13 and 25.
  • Globally, the average age to enter into prostitution is 13.
  • 65 to 95 percent of those in prostitution were sexually assaulted as children, and 70 to 95 percent were physically assaulted in prostitution.
  • 75 percent have been homeless at some point in their lives.
  • 85 to 95 percent want to escape prostitution, but have no other options for survival.
  • There are 20 to 30 million slaves in the world today. 80 percent of trafficking involves sexual exploitation.
  • Women and girls make up 96% of victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation.
  • Globally, the average cost of a slave is 75 euro.


Consider the Wildflowers is a ‘specialist mission’ booklet written with women and staff of Azalea, a charity that supports those caught in sexual exploitation. It speaks especially to those who have experienced chaos, shame, even abuse, and combines Bible text with real life stories.

Read Consider the wildflowers on-line

Consider the wildflowers - booklet cover

To experience love is to be free of all prejudice, judgement and barriers. By producing different translations of Consider the Wildflowers, many more women can access and experience good news. In situations where the streets become their workplace, God’s love can transform their lives.

Watch this short video about 'angels with baskets', bringing life words to those working in prostitution in Berlin.

The booklet was created for one-to-one use and for trusted relationships. English version has been recently published and is now used in many countries. The initial feedback is very encouraging and we are in touch with several groups and organisations wanting to use the booklet in other languages.

Now we want to reprint the English version and produce the booklet in Bulgarian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish. We plan to print two thousand copies in each language creating a total of 10,000 copies. Every booklet will be given for free, so no one is excluded.


Translation and proofreading: EUR 1,800
Typesetting: EUR 400
Printing (5 x 2,000 copies): EUR 4,950
Global distribution: EUR 1,200
Administration: EUR 150
Total budget: EUR 8,500

Project progress

The booklet has already been printed in English for use in the UK and we now need to reprint it for a global use and to translate it into Bulgarian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish. Upon completion, the text will be typeset, proofread and printed.

What if we don’t hit our target?

If we are unable to raise the whole amount, we will continue collecting funds for this project until funding is secured.

If we raise more than our target figure, this will allow us to print more copies and/or translate the booklet into more languages. The much-needed message of hope and restoration will reach even more people.

The impact

By supporting this project, you can help Christians who are working amongst women in sexual exploitation, sharing God’s love and hope in a language they can understand. The Bible verses real stories of women included in the booklet can change and restore lives. Please help us on our mission.

Here are some comments from people wanting to use the new booklet in their work among women in prostitution:

Brazil: I have used Lifewords booklets in our work of evangelism before and have received many fruits, by the grace of God. Here in Brazil we face great challenges with women who are sexually exploited. If this could be translated in Portuguese, it would be a powerful instrument in so many lives.
Germany: What a wonderful booklet you have designed all together! We'd be very happy to use this to make a difference in people’s lives. Please let us know when the booklet becomes available in other languages so we can order.
Spain: I like it this a lot and I know that it would certainly be valuable in Spanish and Romanian also, as we come across many Romanian women who need this help.

Other ways you can help

Money isn’t the only way you can help. Please spread the word about this campaign and help give women hope. Share this on your social media platforms, personal networks and circle of friends. Thank you for your help!

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