Introducing The Visible Story

The Visible Story is a resource to help evangelists and mission workers share the gospel in Indonesia. Created for urban slums and rural villages, where levels of poverty and illiteracy are high, The Visible Story opens the Bible’s message in a fresh and natural way. Working through our partners, Bible students are trained in ‘engaged storytelling’ and equipped to start faith conversations. A colourful flipchart depicts four of Jesus’ parables that have been selected carefully for their resonance with Indonesian culture and everyday life. In the hands of Bible students trained in its use, and with a burning heart to reach their home communities, The Visible Story is a simple yet profound resource to share the Bible with local communities.

The Visible Story in Indonesia

The Visible Story translates as Kisah Nyata in Indonesian.

The four stories illustrated are:

  • The Lost Son – Luke 15
  • The Wise and Foolish Builders – Matthew 7
  • The Unforgiving Servant – Matthew 18
  • The Parable of the Sower – Luke 8

These parables resonate with local culture and many of the illustrations (by an Indonesian artist) reflect aspects of life that can still be seen today – especially in rural areas.

The Visible Story videos

Gunar Sahari introduces us to the work of Lifewords in Indonesia, and shares his excitement at the potential for The Visible Story in this mainly Moslem context. Experience the flavour of Indonesia as Gunar shares his heart for the Bible and mission.

We promise that you’ll want to smile when you see the delight of this young Indonesian Bible student as she shares the stories of Jesus with her home community for the first time with The Visible Story. A warm-hearted, uplifting vignette.

Anton longs to see people’s lives changed – and their environments also. Despite the fact that many evangelists prefer to go to the cities, Anton explains why he wants to stay and serve the poor people of the village of Dumpit through The Visible Story.

The Tanha Abang slum has grown up around Jakarta’s railway tracks. Meet Yos – a young man with a passion for mission in this teeming community. Through church planting, food programmes, pastoral care and now The Visible Story, Yos is making a difference.

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